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Technical advancements will increasingly be driven by perspectives on technology, not just by the technological developments themselves. Mind Labs raises and answers questions about how humans respond to a technology, whether their behavior can be predicted from technology, and whether their behavior can influence and impact technology. Mind Labs helps answer fundamental questions while looking at societal challenges. Mind Labs is a collaborative initiative between Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Journalism), intermediate vocational education (ROC Tilburg), media and publishing company De Persgroep, the city of Tilburg, the Province of Noord-Brabant, and Tilburg University (Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence). Mind Labs operates in the domain of interactive technologies and behavior. It investigates human minds, artificial minds, and pushes an innovative mindset. Mind Labs focuses on four research themes:
  1. The Robotics & Avatars Lab develops virtual intelligent avatars who can interact with humans.
  2. The Serious Games Lab develops and investigates opportunities to bring fun and learning together.
  3. The Natural Language Technologies Lab develops and tests computational linguistic algorithms to make computational sense out of human language.
  4. The Virtual and Mixed Reality Lab investigates the intersection between our own world and simulated worlds.
Mind Labs aims for a collaboration between academic universities, universities of applied sciences and intermediate vocational education. It builds on the idea that by emphasizing the uniqueness of these different knowledge institutions, collaborations become stronger. Mind Labs welcomes corporate partnerships and entrepreneurial minds, stimulating knowledge institutions to work alongside and together with companies. The city of Tilburg has a strong knowledge infrastructure and brings together relevant expertise for state-of-the-art research, education, and entrepreneurship in the area of interactive technologies and behavior. The iconic hotspot in the heart of the city of Tilburg makes Mind Labs a unique hub in the province of Noord-Brabant. Adjacent to the railway station it is easily accessible. Mind Labs is where minds, media and technologies meet.


MindLabs collaborates with a group of partners from businesses, governments, non-profit organisations and startups. For an annual fee they can become members of the MindLabs association and share in the arrangements MindLabs offers to its partners. For more information, please contact us: