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Natural Language Technologies

Imagine a computer that extracts meaning from language the way humans do! The Natural Language Technologies Lab investigates all aspects of language and data from a computational linguistic, data science and artificial intelligence point of view. These include language and speech, brain imaging data, visual data and networking data. The Natural Language Technologies Lab answers questions such as: “can we predict human behavior from large amounts of data?”, “can we estimate the meaning of a word computationally?”, “can we generate a language?” “can we assign pictures to words (and vice versa) automatically?”, “can large amounts of textual data be classified?”, and “can we build a computational model of cognition and behavior?” The algorithms and technologies developed in the Natural Language Technologies Lab can be applied to a range of fields, such as journalism (computer generated news reports), information retrieval (extracting pictorial and textual information), education (personalized textbooks), but also healthcare (predicting medical conditions), and art (computationally identifying painters). Related Projects