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Construction MindLabs starts!

The construction of the building that will house Mindlabs will start. On Locomotive Boulevard 101-119, next to the LocHal, a new building will be built that matches the appearance of the Spoorzone. The municipality of Tilburg and Fontys Hogescholen signed the agreements and contracts with Ballast Nedam and Binx Smartility on Thursday. They will build the building together. The work is expected to start after the construction holidays. Completion is scheduled for December 2021.

Education and media

On behalf of Fontys, the Hogeschool Journalistiek will be accommodated here. The other MindLabs partners - DPG Media, Tilburg Education Group, Tilburg University and Zwijsen Publishing - are renting parts of the new building.


The new building is an asset to the Spoorzone and Tilburg. It fits in with the ambitions that the municipality has for both the Spoorzone as a whole and for MindLabs specifically. It is a place where pioneering is done in the field of interactive technology. Alderman Berend de Vries: "MindLabs must become the vibrant ecosystem of the Spoorzone, which, together with the Startup Kitchen and Plan-t, is the driver for collaboration with others in the field of interactive technology, data technology and artificial intelligence in Tilburg and beyond."

To connect

Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek also makes an essential contribution to connecting knowledge and expertise in the field of technology to concrete applications. “MindLabs is a living lab for Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek, for example in the field of immersive journalism, natural language technology and data science. These technologies allow journalists to offer readers and viewers stories beyond what we are used to; sometimes with the help of a virtual reality environment, sometimes with an in-depth analysis based on big data. The central question is always how the public experiences this. And how we can make even better use of a new technology, ”says Marjo Spee, director of the School of Journalism.