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Project VIBE

Project VIBE (virtual humans in the Brabant Economy) is the first project under the MindLabs umbrella and a collaboration between ROC Tilburg, Persgroep, Fontys, Tilburg University, several businesses and the Province of Brabant. The project will focus on developing virtual humans (avatars) to be used for training purposes in the health sector. VIBE Virtual humans communicate in virtual reality surroundings by using speech, facial expressions and by interacting with human users. These communication avatars can be used in several areas, specifically in areas where interaction is important, such as health care. The avatars can help to train the nursing staff, or assist in patient education. The project is headed by Prof. Max Louwerse, professor in cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence at Tilburg University. According to him: “Knowledge about virtual reality is distributed over knowledge institutions and corporate companies more and more. What makes VIBE special is the fact that we do not only develop virtual interactive avatars but the project mostly encourages partners to combine this knowledge and the talents behind it.” VIBE combines Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Computer Science within the domain of health care. Partners in this project are: knowledge institutions ROC Tilburg, NHTV Breda, Fontys and Tilburg University, next to hospitals (Amphia, Maxima Medisch Centrum and Spaarne Gasthuis), corporate companies (BlueTea, IC3D Media, Indicia, Noldus, Samure), and the Dutch Air and Space Centre.