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Data2Game: Enhanced Efficacy of Computerised Training via Player Modeling and Individually Tailored Scenarios

PI: University of Twente; Co-PI: Dr. Sander Bakkes, Prof. Dr. Pieter Spronck
Funding: NWO, Thales Research & Technology Enschede (T-Xchange), Fire department Twente. Total: 735.115 euro

Data2Game investigates how the content of serious games can be adapted automatically to the learning needs of individual players. The project aims at narrative games for training decision-making skills, such as the games developed by project partner Thales/T-Xchange.

In these games, virtual advisors give the player advise on specific dilemmas. In Data2Game, these words of advice are generated automatically. The content and difficulty level are adapted to individual players' needs, based on data about their behavior both within and outside of the game.

The learning effects of this attenuation are being tested at the fire department Twente, for whom the project develops a game.