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VIBE: Virtual Humans in the Brabant Economy

Together with 13 partners, VIBE will develop virtual humans for training purposes in healthcare

In addition to principal investigator Tilburg University,  knowledge institutions (NHTV Breda, Fontys, ROC Tilburg), hospitals (Amphia, Maxima Medical Center and Spaarne Gasthuis), industry (BlueTea, IC3D Media, Indicia, Noldus, Samure), and the Netherlands Aerospace Center are involved.

The project will monitor human communication in healthcare settings, build virtual humans on the basis of these data, and test the virtual humans in similar settings. The agents communicate in speech, facial expressions, and behavior with their human users in virtual, mixed, and augmented reality environments. Such interactive avatars can be deployed in several domains, particularly those domains for which interaction is critical, such as healthcare. These avatars can support training of caregivers, or provide information to patients.

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