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Serious Games

Imagine learning, while having fun playing a computer game! The Serious Games Lab investigates all aspects of serious games and their users and develops such games. Users of serious games participate in simulated environments going through levels, earning points, and/or taking part in a competitive task. However, key to serious games is the added pedagogical value through its applied nature. The Serious Games Lab answers questions such as: “how can humans best be prepared to perform a specific task?”, “what is the behavior the users of serious games express?”, “can serious games influence or predict such behavior?”, “when does a game become serious?” and ” when does a game stop being fun?” The Serious Games Lab develops programs and games that can be applied in a range of training and information settings. For instance, media consumers can participate in an election game to determine the political party that best suits their values. Trainees can practice a particular task or skill by combining fun and learning in areas such as healthcare, defense, security and safety. Similarly, serious games can also be applied to education at large. Related Projects