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Virtual and Mixed Reality

Imagine walking around in a world that is indistinguishable from ours, but is virtual! Virtual and Mixed Reality investigates all aspects of virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality. The Virtual and Mixed Reality lab not only creates such worlds, it also measures human behavior in them through sensing technologies. These sensing technologies consist of mobile brain scanners, eye tracking equipment, positioning systems and other equipment monitoring physiological responses to the simulated environment. The Virtual and Mixed Reality Lab answers questions such as “under what conditions do humans experience the virtual world as ‘real’?”, “can we influence or even predict human behavior in different simulations?” and “can our behavior influence these simulations?” The technologies used in the Virtual and Mixed Reality Lab can be applied to journalism (upgrading it from something you watch to a true experience), health care (practicing medical procedures using a virtual reality setting), aerospace (e.g., measuring to what extent a virtual flight simulator resembles a physical flight simulator), maintenance (e.g., creating virtual environments of a chemical plant to help in condition-based maintenance or safety trainings). Related Projects